Our happiness!

Where is the happiness that you so much seek?

Nowadays, happiness is hard to find, lots of people are searching and seeking for it but only few of them possess, live and enjoy happiness. You are chasing it but it slips through your fingers, it is like an eel when you think that you have secured happiness, it slips and disappears through your hands even if you were holding it with great confidence. It goes away and vanishes again! You think, you try but you cannot keep it; it disappears. You cogitate, if I could have a better job with more money! You find the better job with the more money, but you realize quickly that in the package of money and wealth was not included the happiness that you were looking for, and you start feeling disappointed. However, you still continue the effort to search for happiness. Now, you are trying to find it through another person. You eventually found the man or the woman that you believe will give you the life you always dreamed and wished for, but either he or she offered you the happiness that you seek and crave.

You pursue and procure education and reputation in order to gain the satisfaction that you anticipate, but you still feel empty inside you, as empty as your soul feels!

He clearly states it

The Holy Bible clearly states that we are not accidentally exist in this land, as several people obstinately choose to believe. I am not, and certainly you are not a grain of sand thrown in the middle of a universe, randomly created by a “big bang”. It is certain that you are not a “product” that were mutated or evolved over time, even if they have almost managed to Convince you for this. You are made by God, by his own hands. The God loves you and he has created you for a specific purpose.

He has a wonderful plan for your life and wants to help you to become what you had to be, his friend and his collaborator. Your precious for God, he knows your name. He knows your worries, your concerns, your challenges, even your most hidden thoughts!

He cares about you and he is waiting for your own response to Him, in order to give you his blessings.

Invitation to life!

Men at different times, in different courses and in different stages of their lives, got to know in their hearts forgiveness, peace, joy and the life that Jesus Christ offers, through a personal relationship with Him!

Have you got to know the forgiveness, peace, joy and life that spring out from this personal acquaintance with Christ? Whatever your questions are, your burdens, your problems, it does not matter who you are, and where you are.

Now you can obtain this experience that will change your life and you will get to know the love of God inside your heart. You will get to know your Lord and your God.

The world is approaching the final judgment

Almost all news media talk about a basic truth: The world today is in chaos, and no one has a permanent solution. Wherever you look today, there are clouds of anger and despair. There is violence, abuse, and distress around us. There is crime and concern in cities. The whole world cries out for a reason of hope, but all we hear are false promises and reassurances from people who do not know anything. 

Way of Thinking